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The Israeli artist Moshe Kassirer completed his art studies with a major in painting at Tel Aviv Avni institute of Art studies; he also holds a degree from the Tel Aviv Camera Obscura School.

 Moshe studied painting with the artists Naftali Golomb, Don Gasko, and Robert Bosler

1995   Won the AICF (America Israel Cultural Foundation) scholarship.

 1997   Worked as art director in the Israeli film and advertising industry.

 Living among the olive groves of the Galilee provides Moshe with a great source of inspiration for his paintings.

  In his artwork Moshe depicts the ancient scenery of the Galilee and the history of the land of Israel focusing on the olive tree as a dominant theme.

For the artist the image of the olive tree represents a sense of rootedness, longevity, survival and strength.

“My paintings relate to the simplicity of man, the naiveté of life, and the beauty of natural landscapes, which are rapidly vanishing from the world.  The ladder that appears in some of my paintings is a practical one, but it also symbolizes the connection between the earthly and the spiritual, between the needs of man, which have become destructive, and the elusive spiritual search, which is beyond our daily material needs”.


Moshe Kassirer’s artwork was shown in many solo exhibitions. His works sold to many collectors in Israel and diaspora.


Currently Moshe Kassirer works and lives in Yodfat, Israel.


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