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Floret, Installation at Grant Park , Los Altos ,CA 2017

“With gratitude and appreciation the City of Los Altos thanks the Curator Simcha Moyal, The Full Spectrum- Mosaic Artist of Silicon Valley and the Mosaic Garden for donating of this installation of Floret project.

Completed by the artists ; April Maiten , Corinne Friedman ,Kathy Richardson, Linda Nadeau , Lynne Storm-Berg, Rachel Greenberg, Rick Hawes, Wesley Wong, Whitney Lane, Nancy Meyer In January 2017”.

Indoor show cases , chance exhibition every 3 months.

Main Street Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto , CA, 2016

Jeff Owen’s art is about life. His sculptures are a combination of the past and present. Jeff has a deep anity toward the materials he works with, a sense of emotion for what the material was originally used for and now what it will become in his hands. The artist takes one piece of steel witch he nds in the streets, add to it, delete from it, add to it and when a sculpture contains all of his creative energies, he is done. Owen’s technique is brute force, decide-at-the-moment. The interesting shapes and textures of metal; the patterns and grains; all entice him. He is fascinated with form. Je Owen‘s art is as individual as he is.

Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto , CA, 2016
Main Street Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto , CA, 2015/2016
Metal figures dancing Installation  
OFJCC 2015  by Pam Drenham
Main Street Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto , CA, 2014/2015

The Sculpture Garden, which was inaugurated in 2014, is committed to the idea that works of art are to be enjoyed as part of everyday life. The sculptures are spread throughout the OFJCC campus, and change each year. The artwork chosen complements the campus landscape and structures.





Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto , CA, 2014
Mosaic Wall at South Peninsula Hebrew Day School, Sunnyvale , CA, 2013

Mosaic Wall, completed by artist and educator Nancy Meyer and curator Simcha Moyal in 2013 with the assistance of students , parents and staff of the school. The mosaic is estimated to contain 40,000 hand cut tiles illustrating the Seven Species honored in the Torah.

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