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Raphael Perez was born in 1965 in Jerusalem, He studied art at the College of Visual Arts in Beer – Sheva.

Rafi is an Award Winning Contemporary Artist who is known for his use of texture and bold color palates to create striking pieces that each have a story to tell. Over the years, the artist has developed his own techniques creating a style that is all his own. He has a unique ability to absorb colors and emotions in a very abstract way.

Peretz’s artwork deals with homosexuality, his drawing depicted intimate relationships between two people whether man and woman, two women, or two men. He brings the entire concept of a relationship, love, and sentiments between two people as it shown in life, and as it expressed on his personal life .

Rafi’s paintings can be on two key styles, realistic painting with very dominant red color, and the naive style paintings that are influenced by his years of work with children.

Rafi’s works have already been presented at the Tel – Aviv Museum, at Open House – Jerusalem, Ophir Gallery and more than 180 original paintings have been sold to art collectors.


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